Full Moon Series 2024 - Strawberry Moon

calendar_month15th - 22nd Jun, 2024
location_onAnywhere in the world !!!

Full Moon Series 2024 - Strawberry Moon

With the cycle of the phases of the Moon lasting approximately one month, and there being 12 months in a year, we typically have 12 full moons each year

The June full moon, also known as the "Strawberry Moon".

This year, Strawberry Moon is occuring on 21st June,2024.

The strawberry moon name indeed comes from North America, where indigenous peoples associated the full moon in June with the ripening of strawberries, marking the beginning of the strawberry harvesting season. It's lovely how different cultures have their own interpretations and names for these celestial events, like the rose moon in Europe or the hot moon in other cultures. These names reflect the deep connection between humans and the rhythms of nature across the globe.

Running during a Strawberry Moon can be a memorable experience, combining the benefits of exercise with the tranquility of a moonlit night.

It can be an enchanting way to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Enjoy your run and make the most of your time outdoors !!!

Note : Participants who register for and successfully complete all the 12 runs of 'Full Moon Series 2024' will receive a complete Full Moon Medal at the end of the series.You can register for any distance of your choice each month and are required to complete it within the specified timeframe.



Registrations closes on 21 Jun, 2024